Tuesday, May 22, 2012

REVIEW - Lake Breeze Meritage, Okanagan, BC 2008

REVIEW - Lake Breeze Meritage, Okanagan, BC 2008 

SKU: 129270  
Origin: Canada  |  British Columbia
Agent: Harvest Vintage Imports Ltd.

In the glass  - deep ruby/garnet right to the rim

On the Nose -  This wine has a medium intensity with a blatant purple Welch's grape juice on the front. Accented with strawberry, jam and a cooking sherry smell. And if left to sit it develops into a leathery tobacco.

On the Palate – This dry wine has less then medium acidity and about medium tannin, giving it over all good body and length. I noticed that i could feel the alcohol on this wine, it was hot on my gums, and dried out my mouth. And with persistent tannins to compound that I found it a bit distracting. There is some good jammy fruit in the background of this wine but i need to get past that initial heat blast. Specific flavors I found were sour cherry moving into a black cherry, blackberry, spice. wonderfully structured oak in this wine that is the last thing left on the palate after its medium finish.

I actually visited the Lake Breeze winey last summer in my flying trip through the bench last year. I visited over12 wineries in under 9 hours. All by my lonesome. it was a great experience but I can hardly wait to go back again and give each winery the time and attention it deserves.

Over all this Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon is one I would call a good wine, and for less than $30 it really makes a wonderful Canadian addition to the cellar. I believe this wine will continue to improve over the next 2 years as well.


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