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Origin: Spain

Now here’s a throw back to jobs gone past, but still an old favorite of mine. What can I say? I have a lady boner for all things Spain.

The Vinaguarena winery is located by the town of Toro, just to the north of the Duero River. The winery has 82 hectares of land that connect with the River Guarena, which flows into the Duero.

This Barrica is 100% Tinto de Toro, which translates into Tempranillo, and comes from 15 year old vines. Its Fermented just under 30 degrees C for 15 days and aged for 6 months in small mostly French oak barrels.
The grapes are sourced from small vine growers in the area, with vines ranging in age up to 150 years old and all harvesting is done by hand. With the older vineyards the grapes are even sorted by hand rather then machine.

In the Glass she’s clear, deep ruby center, but a definite purple edge as it reaches the rim

On the Nose I immediately get clean ripe red fruit, specifically huge pronounced pomegranate aromas, and then touch of cherry with some oaky smoke to lift it out of the glass.

On the Pallet this wine is dry, with medium acid. Full body but not over encumbering the tannins. You get a great follow through on the pomegranate from the nose, along with some stewed raspberry and of course the red cherry. With its medium finish I would, and did, drink this wine on its own. But it would hold up against most dishes because the fruit flavors are so stable.

As you can probably tell this is not my first bottle of this particular wine, I really do enjoy it and for under 20$ in the store I highly recommend it.


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